a perfect union

Forming A Creative Partnership

Welcome to the (new and improved!) Art Department LLC, where we now offer graphic and lighting design—all under one roof. Working from our office in Manhattan’s charming West Village, we churn out all kinds of creative from graphics and web design to lighting—sometimes focusing on separate projects, and other times collaborating when our talents and skill sets intersect. Two award-winning designers have come together to create stronger, more symbiotic work, providing clients with a wider breadth of capabilities.

GRAPHIC DESIGN.  We still implement the conceptual graphic design that has become expected of the Art Department over the last decade. Specializing in logo design and branding, retail, packaging, web and interactive, our old-school passion for print and a love of typography sets us apart while our gadget-driven lifestyle and new technology keeps us moving forward. With extensive experience in editorial design, annual reports, advertising and copywriting, we can create the visual language that will give your brand or product a unique voice.

LIGHTING DESIGN.  The Art Department now has the capacity to cover all aspects of lighting design, programming, and production, and is adept at project management, providing turn-key delivery from the creative process, to equipment outsourcing, to on-site completion. We have illuminated showrooms, concert halls, stages, outdoor arenas, trade shows, castles, and stadiums across the globe. Let us set our sights—and lights—on your next project.

OUR MISSION.  Our objectives are the same: to continue doing what we do best and when possible to join forces for exciting new assignments and provide innovative solutions—whether it be tradeshow booth design and lighting, art instillations, theater production and branding, or corporate events and communications. When is comes to challenging and creative projects, we say, bring it on.. and see how the Art Department can best partner with you to realize your vision.