Christie Grotheim

Christie Grotheim has worked in the design industry for more than fifteen years, opening The Art Department in 2002. After graduating from TCU with a BFA in Communications Graphics and a minor in Advertising/PR, she spent several years at top design firms in Dallas, including Brainstorm and Squires & Co. Her work has been recognized by numerous creative institutions and publications, including Graphis, How Magazine, Print Design Annuals and several David E. Carter publications. Original concepts, an outstanding color sense and love of typography compliment the strong design aesthetic evident in her work.

BRANDING.  Logo design is the key element to any company’s branding and it’s at the core of what we do. From the finance industry to art institutions, the Art Department has created identities for companies big and small, from global brands to start ups. Christie has created logos and branding for restaurants, bars and coffee shops, for retail and fashion companies, for software developers and non-profit foundations. While the industries are diverse, the objective is always the same: to present and explore many solutions, and deliver conceptual, lasting marks that resinate with each company and its audience.

EDITORIAL DESIGN &  MARKETING.  For many years, The New York Times was one of the Art Department’s largest and most consistent clients. Christie worked on promotions and advertorial multi-page pieces that ran in the NYTimes Magazine as well as the NYTimes newspaper itself. Working with a strong team of  writers, photographers, illustrators and editors, she produced strong work and managed large-scale projects, which often extended into multi-faceted marketing campaigns to target new advertisers.

RETAIL & PACKAGING. Christie has worked on a number of fashion-related retail projects in recent years and has been Fuzzy Nation’s “Agency of Choice” for five years now. Fuzzy Nation produces dog-related accessories and gift items that sell globally—and nationally at Macy’s. She has been working with the company since its inception, developing its logo, identity, packaging, point of purchase displays, website, and marketing materials. The company has been recognized for its identity and design and was recently featured in the book, Visual Marketing, by David Langton and Anita Campbell.

WEB DESIGN & COPYWRITING.  The Art Department specializes in creating websites, previously in flash and now using html5/js/query with mobile integration. Utilizing a talented team of programmers, her focus is always on elevating the design while maintaining functionality throughout all platforms. She has created sites for retail brands, hedge funds, PR companies, artists and more, always highlighting the unique image of the company. Currently, Christie is focusing on providing content for websites, whether its copywriting an entire site or blogging for clients.