Niklas Andersson

With almost 20 years of experience in the  lighting industry, Niklas moved to Manhattan in 2011 and became a partner of The Art Department. Experienced in the world of freelance and as a full-time employee of Primetec/Mediatec—one of Sweden’s largest lighting and sounds companies—he has an extensive client list including Volvo, Absolut Vodka, BMW, Ericsson, and the Stockholm Symphony, as well as numerous television series and productions.

EXHIBITIONS.  Volvo has been one of Niklas’s primary clients within the exhibition realm, maintaining a close working relationship for over ten years. Involved from the design and developmental stage of the exhibition concept through to the building and actualization of the stand, Niklas travels to premier cities around the world—Paris, Detroit, Shanghai, Geneva, Moscow, and New York within the last year alone­— translating his design to different venues around the world. Niklas also designs, programs and executes Volvo press shows; in 2011 the award-winning show in Geneva contained 150 moving lights and 125 3 x 3 foot LED floor panels programmed to correspond to the video content.

TELEVISION.  Niklas has worked on a plethora of premier prime time television shows for Sweden’s leading networks: SVT1, SVT2 (Sweden’s “BBC”), TV3 and TV4, on a variety of programming—as well a special telecast events including award shows and royal ceremonies. He lit up the set of the soap opera Vita Logner, Sweden’s longest running series, for over 500 of its 780 episodes. From 1997 through 2011, Niklas handled lighting on Bingolotto for TV4, a weekly, 2-hour LIVE prime time variety show, featuring musical guests such as David Bowie, Elton John, Rod Stewert, Tom Jones and Bon Jovi, to name (drop) a few. Niklas utilizes both moving and stage lights, and other mojos—like the Hippotizer—in his designs for television.

EVENTS.  Niklas has plenty of experience designing lighting for high profile events. A 50-foot inflatable vodka bottle with a full size gondola inside was created for Absolut’s Vanilla red carpet event in Venice, while Stockholm’s Abolut Art celebrated Absolut’s creative ad campaigns through the years with A-list celebrities and featured artists such as Keith Herring and Andy Warhol. The Nobel Prize Ceremony, on the other hand, required a bit more restraint, highlighting the acceptance of the prestigious award presented by the king himself.

CORPORATE.  Corporate conferences require a creative eye to transform an often generic space into something inspirational and make the experience unique. Niklas has worked globally with companies including Ericsson, Astra Zenica, and Stena. Niklas handles everything throughout these multi-day conferences, from lighting the speakers and seminars, to massive group dinners and evening entertainment, including the set up, running and overseeing the shows, until the breakdown—once the last person stumbles off the dance floor.